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  • C4 Original (60 skammtar)
    Explosive energy, heightened focus and an overwhelming urge to tackle any challenge...that’s the C4 experience. Millions of people­—ranging from beginners all the way up to the elite competitors, have relied on C4 pre-workout to help them turn their ambitions into achievements.  As America’s..
    5.990 ISK7.990 ISK Án vsk.: 5.990 ISK
  • C4 Ultimate
    ULTIMATE ISN’T JUST A CODE OF CONDUCT…  It’s the pursuit to kick ass and take names in the gym. Your crushing hunger to reach your new PR is the very reason why we’ve spent the last few years engineering the most hard-hitting, intense, and focused pre-workout on the market–one that matches y..
    5.990 ISK7.990 ISK Án vsk.: 5.990 ISK
  • FULL MASS 4.4kg
    POWERFUL MUSCLE MASS GAINER WITH 2 WHEY PROTEINS!   If you want to gain muscle mass, the daily total caloric balance is of primary importance! Unless you provide optimal energy for your body to perform, repair and build, progress will not happen. Above average weight active athletes may e..
    3.990 ISK7.990 ISK Án vsk.: 3.990 ISK
  • Macatron - Testasterone booster og estreogen blocker
    Ennþá öflugari testosterone booster. Eykur vöðvastyrk, vöðvastækkun og kynorku. Macatron sem eykur náttúrulega framleiðslu á testasterone og lágmarkar estrogen framleiðslu. Macatron er ofur þróaður, ítarlegur testasterone booster og dregur úr estrrogen með fléttu af 13 vel völdum innihaldsef..
    5.990 ISK7.990 ISK Án vsk.: 5.990 ISK
  • Oat N Whey
    Eat with a spoon or drink!   Oats are a well-liked source of nutrition for many people, engaged in heavy physical activity or not. For your convenience, in this product we already combined oats and a high-quality whey protein for a meal that can be consumed at any time of the day to suppo..
    2.990 ISK3.990 ISK Án vsk.: 2.990 ISK
    10 G PROTEIN PER SERVING NO ADDED SUGAR, SALT & PALM OIL! GMO FREE!   PEANUT BUTTER + PROTEIN is made from blanched, clean and healthy Argentinian arachid peanuts with the addition of quality whey protein. It contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids and its protein content..
    1.990 ISK2.990 ISK Án vsk.: 1.990 ISK
    #BEASTMODE FOR EVERY WORKOUT. For the days when you really want to smash it, Pre-Train gives you the ultimate in pre-workout formulas. The potent combination of 16 ingredients including, Beta Alanine, Arginine AKG, Betaine (Trimethylglycine) & Citrulline Malate has been created using the l..
    3.990 ISK5.990 ISK Án vsk.: 3.990 ISK
  • PRO Pakkinn
    PRO-LINE pakkinn fyrir þá sem vilja það besta! 3 vörur:   100% WHEY HYDROLIZED. 28 g Protein Per Scoop! Suitable For Lactose Intolerant Users! Whey protein is generally considered the best sports nutrition protein type. Whey concentrates and isolates represent varying degr..
    18.990 ISK23.970 ISK Án vsk.: 18.990 ISK
  • Protein Ice Cream LIGHT
    Protein Ice Cream Light Reduced carb and sugar!   Delicious ice cream with high quality whey protein! Only 6 grams of carbs in the ready made 150 g serving of ice cream!     The new generation of fitness desserts has just arrived! Sport fanatics don’t even dar..
    2.490 ISK4.990 ISK Án vsk.: 2.490 ISK
  • Protein Pancake
    Ljúffengar prótein pönnukökur Prótein Pönnukökur geta verið partur af mataræðinu þínu! Pönnukökur hafa aldrei verið svona vinslæar áður hjá þeim sem stunda íþróttir. Protein Pancake frá SciTec Nutrition inniheldur mikið af próteinum og hentar öllum þeim sem æfa íþróttir og sérstaklega þeim sem vi..
    1.990 ISK3.990 ISK Án vsk.: 1.990 ISK
    Gourmet dessert with casein and whey proteins   What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word pudding? The famous gourmet dessert that makes you feel guilty even after the very first bite. However we believe that a real functional food, like our PROTEIN PUDDI..
    990 ISK3.990 ISK Án vsk.: 990 ISK
  • RE-CON
    RECOVERY RE-IMAGINED. MusclePharm Re-Con™ takes post-workout recovery to the next level and features brand new, innovative ingredients, GroPlex™ and VitaCherry™ Sport. VitaCherry Sport is 15 times more concentrated and more highly bioavailable than the leading tart cherry products currently ..
    7.990 ISK9.990 ISK Án vsk.: 7.990 ISK
  • Sprengja á 25% afslætti
    L-Carnitine eykur brennslu CLA hjálpar þér að brjóta niður fitu POW3RD preworkoutið gefur þér orku og amínósýrur á æfingu Gott er að taka BCAA XPRESS á meðan þú ert á æfingu og blanda L-Glutamine ofan í BCAA  XPRESS. L-Glutamine kemur í veg fyrri vöðvaniðrubrot og BCAA amínósýrurnar er..
    24.247 ISK32.330 ISK Án vsk.: 24.247 ISK
  • T6 brennslutöflur
    T6 by Weight Management Systems is the ultimate fat burner. Its uniquely potent 3 stage formula including the ingredients Bitter Orange, L-Carnitine, Green tea extract, Capsicum & Caffeine has the following effects: Increases Thermogenesis, the process of burning fat through the production..
    2.990 ISK5.990 ISK Án vsk.: 2.990 ISK
  • The Curse
    THE ULTIMATE PRE-WORKOUT The Curse! comes in a variety of great tasting flavors, with new additions and limited edition flavors being added to the line up all the time. Not only described as being one of the most powerful pre-workouts on the planet The Curse! is also the best tasting! You real..
    4.990 ISK5.990 ISK Án vsk.: 4.990 ISK